Administrators (ADM)

Division Co - Chairs: Open

Adult Literacy, Basic and Secondary Education (ALBSE)

The ALBSE division represents those involved with adult basic and literacy education as well as GED instruction. Curriculum, instructional methods, instructional media, and distance education are among the focal points of this group. This division is also affiliated with Tutors of Literacy in the Commonwealth (TLC) and acts as a voice for literacy programs throughout the state working with low-level learners and volunteer instructors.

Division Co - Chairs: Joy Zamierowski and Meg Ashenden albsepaace@gmail.com

Continuing Higher Education (CHE)

This CHE division represents continuing education institutes that serve students through a variety of programs. This division provides academic, instructional, and administrative professionals the opportunity to improve the quality of programs and services. 

Division Chairs: OPEN

English as a Second Language (ESL)

This ESL division advocates for research-based practices in ESL instruction within the larger context of adult education and acts as a resource for practitioners in the ESL field.

Division Co - Chairs: Aimee Firtz and Kimberly Chernesky, esldivisionpaace@gmail.com 

Family Literacy (FL)

The mission of the Family Literacy Division is to provide a unified voice for Family Literacy practitioners across the state and provide resources which focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through intergenerational means.

Division Chair: Mary Wilson, wilson@centerforliteracy.org and Sue Barrow, sbarrow@keystoneopp.org