Top Ten Reasons to Advocate-Countdown #10

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be an Advocate for Adult Education

 Dear Friends of Adult Education,

 This week launches PAACE’s Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be an Advocate for Adult Education.

 Reason Number Ten:

 We need to work together to make a bigger pie - not fight over the crumbs.

 Yes, our funding is less than it was in 2010.

Yes, we have been able to hold onto level funding since 2011.

 Threats to funding are scary.

 We can sit back and wait to see what happens. We can focus on our own programs and magically think that that everything will be fine.

 Or, we can raise our voices, tell our story, show our value and ask for more resources in adult education.

 Over the next ten weeks, PAACE will be sending you a weekly message to get you involved. You need your help!


Action for Week 1 – Watch a Webinar

COABE held a webinar on January 27, Advocating for Adult Education: How to Advance State and Federal Policies that Support Your Learners. This webinar was recorded and is available  here.


Even if you do not currently receive state or federal funds, there are at least three reasons why this webinar is useful to you:

 1.  In the future, you may want to apply for state and federal funds; and/or

2.  Your current and future United Way and other funders expect you to be informed about what is happening at the state and federal level. 

3.  The strategies used with state and federal legislators are useful with private funders.