The following are the list of questions that were submitted for the RFP Organizational Coordinating Services:

  1.      Under scope of work #1 (7) Is PAACE an approved provider of ACT 48 credits?

No, PAACE subcontracts through an authorized provider of Act 48 credits.  The organizational services coordinator would be responsible for facilitating the process between applicants and the provider and ensuring the proper paperwork is completed. 


  1.      Under scope of work #1 (8) regarding writing grant proposals for the conference-does PAACE have an identified list of funders to apply to or would this involve grant seeking as well as grant writing?

There are some companies which have sponsored the PAACE conference in the past, but in the previous year PAACE was without conference sponsorships.  A list of past sponsors and/or donors could be compiled.  Further grant seeking is needed.


  1.     Under scope of work #2 (e) How many informative PAACE webinars are scheduled annually?  There is only one currently listed on the website

We would like to have monthly hump day hangouts for professional development/hot topic discussions; however each division and committee also meets monthly and that can include member involvement. Ideally, there will be a professional development webinar offered once a month based of member needs. These can be chosen from presenters at the conference or division chairs.


  1.     Under scope of work #3 (a) where is the storage unit referenced located?

The storage unit is currently located in the North Hill of Pittsburgh, but could be moved to a location more convenient for the contractor if needed.  Also, evaluating the contents of the storage facility for necessity of storage could also be an option.


  1.     Under scope of work #4 (a) Development (finding sponsorships) is this in reference to finding sponsorships for the conference or additional sponsorships for something else? b)Is there an existing list of potential and/or past sponsors?


(a)  This could include finding conference, webinar, organizational, or any other sponsorship or grants that would support the mission of the organization.  Part of the regular scope of work would be managing and identifying sponsorships.  But, if an applicant had a more substantial plan or a proven track record of acquiring sponsorships or grants, that information should be included and listed in additional services.

(b)  Previous years’ conference records could be reviewed to identify previous and possible sponsors.  Applicants should also be encouraged to think about potential sponsors and plans of actions to obtain sponsorships (if they will be commenting on this optional services section). 


 (c) Does advocacy efforts include lobbying at the state government level?

Yes, advocacy could include lobbying at the state government level.  PAACE has made the 501h election, so the organization is permitted to spend up to 20% of exempt purpose expenditures on lobbying.  However, current revenue does not enable the expenditure of this amount. Advocacy effort also include promoting ways that members can become better advocates for their programs.


(d) Website development and maintenance-do you anticipate/desire a redesign of current website, or maintenance of the existing site; currently to what extent is the website used for services or information in support of new memberships?  What is the expectation for updates to website daily, weekly or monthly; and do you currently or would you expect applicant to capture any analytical data related to the website such as user web traffic?

We anticipate and desire a redesign of the current website to make it mobile friendly and more user-friendly.  The website is currently used for member announcements, biweekly newsletter updates, events registration, advocacy call to action, and membership registration.  Updates are ongoing, as announcements could be posted daily, but in general, a weekly update would be sufficient, and less time for the design would be expected.  Currently, we are able to capture data about who is receiving and opening the email newsletter, how many hits each page is getting, and other web traffic data. The web site hosts the member database from which we can pull demographic and interest information for board and other needs analysis.


(e) What is meant by tech support-of the website or something else?  Could you describe what services entail tech support; what is current volume of calls/emails received per day/week/month related to tech support?

Tech support would entail (as needed), helping the board with web site posting or managing the platform to fulfill their role on the board; assisting the board in webinar set up, training, difficulties as needed to run online events; supporting the conference and event presenters, ensuring that technology is available as needed, and supporting member registration and enrollment in events or services (PD, conferences, etc). There is low volume of calls/emails as long as registrations, for example, is working well.


  1.     What is the physical location at which conference planning meetings are held and with what frequency?  Is it an option to hold these meetings via skype/WebEx/conference call?

The committee usually meets monthly using the “Go to Meeting” platform, with additional meetings held in the three months prior to the conference as needed.


  1.     Board meetings:  how often are they held, how long is each meeting and where are they held?

Board meetings are held monthly (with usually no July meeting planned).  Board meetings are usually the second Tuesday morning of the month.  Board meetings usually last 1-2 hours.   They are usually via conference call with 1-3 meetings scheduled for face-to-face (though call in is usually available).  Face-to-face meetings usually occur in State College, Harrisburg, and the night before the conference begins onsite at the conference location.  In addition to board meetings the executive committee of the board typically meets via conference call the Thursday afternoon prior to the board meeting.   


  1.     Under “The successful applicant shall be required to:”   #1 “Furnish all materials,…. and other facilities” – To what facilities are referred to in this instance?

These facilities refer to a worksite for the applicant to conduct business.  The nature of the services is that of an independent contractor so the applicant will be required to provide their own facilities in which to work and offer services.  There is no onsite physical worksite or technological infrastructure (phone, internet, copier, etc.) for PAACE to offer the applicant to provide the aforementioned services.


  1.     What software is used to update/maintain the website?

Currently we use Star Chapter (see ) which has a web based member management system and its own browser editor.  It is also an event manager, membership management system and communications hub.  Currently, the newsletter is generated here.


10.  Does the Board direct this position?

Yes.  The board allocates and assigns executive and administrative duties and powers as it determines.  Duties and powers shall be performed as that of an independent contractor whereby the board does not control the day-to-day activities of the services to be rendered.  Instructions will not be given by the board on when, where, and how duties are performed.  Candidate(s) or organization(s) control the manner and means by which contracted services, products, or results are achieved. 


11.         Is PAACE currently doing fundraising?

Only conference sponsorships.  The PAACE board has cited this as an area of organizational improvement, and the board is very interested in leadership and growth in this area.


12.         What types of data does PAACE capture with its current database?

Member name, title, company, address, phone, email.and PAACE Division of interest.  Memberships include different categories, including: individual, advocacy, lifetime and corporate.  The Board has raised questions about whether additional information should be captured.